Association History

On 25.01.2004 Karnataka Gounder Seva Sangam, Bangalore called upon all Kongu associations and community elders and conducted a opinion poll. At the end of the meeting, it has been decided to form an Association. On 21.03.2004 on behalf of kongu nanbargal sangam, all kongu associations operating in different parts of tamilnadu were called for opinion poll.

By the end of the meeting, for the development of kongu community without any political motive, it has been decided that kongu associations operating world over should work together and thus Kongu Vellalar sangangal koottamaippu has been formed. Upon commencement, 15 associations have registered themselves as members and the number has increased to 28 as on date. Kongu Vellalar Sangangal Koottamaippu today is considered to be most important association of all and working towards development of kongu community across globe.

It has been unanimously decided by the association that, Mr. K.C.KALIANNAN, who effectively worked as a president of Kongu Nanbargal Sangam will be the President for Kongu Vellalar Sangangal Koottamaippu.

Mr. THERVENDHAN DURAIRASU, Karnataka Gounder sangam, will be the General Secretary of the association, K.Kandasamy, Kongu Nattu Vellalar Arakkattalai Rasipuram will be the Treasurer and other office bearers have also been selected. With the association of members of various association, the efforts of the association towards the development of the community has been made stronger.


The history of the Kongu Vellala Gounder caste is one of the most obscure along with the history of the Kongunadu region itself. The Gounders have been credited by many as unique among the other caste groups of the region and southern India as a whole. The Kongu Vellala Gounders are appreciated for their varied qualities like untiring hardwork, objective nature, high moderation, honesty, humanitarian spirit, commitment, philanthropy, strong bonding, innovative mind and reliability.

They have been instrumental in the welfare of the Kongunadu zone, which is predominantly rainfed but blest with a cooler tropical plateau climate. This region supports the Tamil Nadu state from economic collapse and single handedly manages its fame. The secrets for such a developed region go back to the Gounder caste which mostly go unresearched partly due to the heavy stench of ideological biases of contemporary Tamil historians and partly due to the jealousy and the resulting fear of the caste itself.