Opportunity to start a Business

Kongu Koottamaippu has been doing various successful social services without any political involvement. Following this, to avoid Kongu youngsters from desperately searching job at other companies, the Koottamaippu is planning to implement a program that would help them start their own business.

As a first step the Koottamaippu will provide a platform to start a business for the youngsters based on their financial capacity. They will become sub contractors or small scale exporters for large scale industries such as construction, textiles and so on. Those who are interested can contact our General Secretary, Mr. P.T. Rajamanickam at 9976298799 or 0424 2275799, also they can contact Mr. Suresh at 9629325135 for registration.

For more details and registration please visit Kongu Koottamaippu head office at 5, Bharathi Road, Teacher’s Colony, Erode - 11.

First meeting will be held at the end of the June month and members who have registered before 20th June will be called for the meeting. Since this is a sample program we will look into the response before making it a regular opportunity. We request Kongu Youngsters to grab this opportunity.

Thank you
Kongu Koottamaippu, Erode

Kalingarayar Students Education Fund

As per the above scheme students interested to study in engineering colleges without fees and students wanting financial help to pursue higher studies can contact their respective Kongu associations or Mr. P.T. Rajamanickam at the Kongu Koottamaippu Head Office and submit their applications. The last date for application is 10.07.2016.

Mr. P.T. Rajamanickam
General Secretary
Ph: +91 9976298799 / 0424 2275799

Kongu Koottamaippu Head Office
5, Bharathi Road, Teacher’s Colony,
Erode - 11.