Thiruvennai Nallur Sadayappa Vallal (திருவெண்ணை நல்லூர் சடயப்ப வள்ளல்) - a Pannai kula cheiftain. Kamban wrote his epic Kamba Ramayanam with his patronage. As a mark of respect for his patron, Kamban refers his name once in every 1000 verses.

Sollerulavan Sellamuthu - The great orator and founder of Farmers Associations.
Diwan Bahadur Agathur Muthuramaswami Kalingaroyar

Sekkizhar - minister of Kulottunga who compiled 'Periyapuranam', a treatise on Saivite saints.(There is a graphic description of his life and how he came to write this magnum opus is narrated in a 14th cent Tamil work Thiruttoṇḍar-purāṇa-varalāru. Sekkiḻār who belongs to an agriculturist family of Veḷḷaḷar, rose to be the Chief-minister to the Choḻa emperor Kulottuṅga II. The work ascribed to Umāpati Śivam of 14th cent gives two significant titles of Sekkiḻār. He is called "Gaṅgā-kula-tilaka" (verse -59) and "Bhāgīrati-kula-Tilaka")

Vakkapakai mannan Varapathiyatkondan (patron of Villiputhoorar)(ref: kongar kula vatrapathiyatkondan - Villibharatham - Sirappurpayiram verse 18 line 2 and various other references)

There are certain small sub groups who also follow the same customs and are also called by the same name among the Gounders which are getting amalgamated nowadays into the mainstream, some of the differences are (mentioned number two group is the mainstream),

Nattu Gounders-Oor Gounders = Gounders who were rulers of Nadus see [Western Ganga administration] where Gounder population is thin and normal oor Gounders.

Narambukatti Gounders (Vadakarai vellalars) - Senthalai Gounders = of north and south of river Bhavani.

Padathalai Gounders - Senthalai Gounders = the people who joined and abstained Tippu sultan's army respectively) (found mostly in the Vijayamangalam belt).

Irumudi Gounders - Vellala Gounders = Gounders who fell under two rulers and proper Kongu respectively.

Castes like the Padayachi "Gounders" and Kurumba 'Gounders" have assumed the title for the sake of respect though they are not referred as Gounders. There is enough caution among the Gounders regarding this.